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Mythical water nymph

In Greek mythology, Nyades were water nymphs, charged with the protection of theirs coasts and also with the protections of young women. If you’ve spent some time around New Orleans, you’ve probably seen Dryades Street - well, the original name for St Charles Avenue, the literal stomping grounds for the majority of Mardi Gras parades was… Nyades Street.

We want you to “Throw us somethin, Missus”... your BRA! The Krewe of Nyades will help protect young women by collecting bras on the parade route to be bundled and sent to Support the Girls, assisting folx experiencing homelessness. Paraders who participate will be rewarded with our signature throw! We will have a cart following our krewe where paraders can donate their over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders to a great cause and "free the girls"!

Lily Pads


We are committed to being a sustainable krewe, throwing items that are recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, or keepsakes. In addition, we plan to partner with local charities whose focus is rebuilding our Louisiana coastlines.

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